What is the clarity and colour of the diamonds?
All of our diamonds are a minimum of Colour H and Clarity VS. Grading of Certified Diamonds will be on the certificate of that diamond.

What is Rhodium plating on White Gold?
18k White Gold is made with 75% Gold, which is deep Yellow in colour. The rest of the 25% is an alloy of other white metals such as Silver and Palladium. This alloy gives a grey colour to the white gold but as most of the metal used to make White Gold is actually Yellow (i.e. the 75% Gold), the natural colour of white gold still has a slight yellow tint.

The natural colour of white gold is actually a light grey/yellow color, therefore when a white gold ring is made, it is coated with another white metal called Rhodium to give it a white colour. Rhodium is a metal very similar to platinum and is very white and very hard. It gives the White Gold Jewellery a wonderful modern, gleaming sheen. Rhodium plating can wear away eventually through wear and tear but to keep it looking its best, the product can easily be re-rhodium plated to bring it back to new.

How long the rhodium plating lasts is dependent on the wear and tear that the product of jewellery receives, so normally the rhodium plating on necklaces and earrings will last much longer than rings and bangles.

Will my product come with a certificate?
Our certified diamond products are shown in a separate section of the website. Unless the product you choose is from the Certified products section, it will not be certified. All non-certified diamond products are a minimum of colour H and Clarity VS.

Are the products hallmarked?
All of our products are hallmarked by the London Assay Office.

Is the product insured?
The product is insured until the point of delivery.

Can I return a product?
Please refer to our Returns Policy.

How do I know which ring size to buy?
Please refer to our Finger Size section.